Only two things

you need to unlock a badge.


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Gather Intel

As you read the book you will see footnotes that indicate that there is a badge to unlock. Login to and enter the following information:

  • Chapter
  • Footnote number
  • Book of the bible you think the reference is
  • Chapter of the book of the bible the reference is
  • Verse in the chapter of the book of the bible the reference is

For example, let’s say in chapter 2 Zeriah says, “Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life, Demas.”1

All unlocked badges appear in your Dashboard. Each badge is available for sale as a sticker – perfect to put on your notebook, locker, fridge, or in the Zaraphos Adventure & Activity Sticker Collection book!

The badges are all shown below. They are in alphabetical order and not in order as they appear in Zaraphos.

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